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We kher because you do.








Brand Identity

Interior Design

Brand Communication

For the development of the Kher brand, our goal was to create a friendly, human, and professional identity that conveys trust and commitment. Our objective is to promote the personal and professional growth of the doctors and nurses who use our uniforms.

To achieve this, we created a name that plays with the origin of "care" in English, recognizing the target market that is dedicated to caring for their patients and, at the same time, Wekher cares for them. Inspired by this name, we created a minimalist imagotype that presents the letter K, which also represents the figure of a person, referring to the empathic aspect of our brand.

Regarding the quality of our products, at Wekher we focus on understanding the needs of our consumers, especially in terms of the comfort and durability of the uniforms. We are aware of the hours that doctors and nurses use our products and seek to empower them and make them feel comfortable during their workday.

In summary, at Wekher we strive to create a brand that provides the best quality and empathizes with the needs of our consumers. We care about conveying trust and commitment through our visual identity and customer service, always seeking to promote the personal and professional growth of our clients.