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Casa España

A new space focused on personal well-being for those seeking rest and tranquility.


Casa España






Brand Identity

Interior Design


MBO Arquitectos

Casa España is located in an iconic area in Guadalajara, where the culture and architecture of the time are represented in every corner. We kept the essence of the building within the project, based on the concepts of Contemporary Mexico and Mid-Century Modern. The primary premise is craft design, nature, the versatility of spaces, and natural lighting.​

Casa España is a Bed & Breakfast where visitors come to travel or work abroad for an indefinite time, which integrates nature and technology in an enclosure that represents the modern movement of the city in the 50s, focused on personal well-being for those seeking rest and tranquility.

The selection of materials and colors is inspired by an environment of peace and relaxation that coexist with a feeling of curiosity in each space and detail, creating harmony between vintage and modern.

We created a brand identity that would represent the architectural structure of Casa España, in a welcoming and avant-garde way that allows the entrance of the space to welcome everyone. We selected a typeface that conveyed the essence of the 50s in a timeless, but modern way to take Casa España’s guests to a different time. Through the color selection of the brand and image concept, similar to the interior design of the space, we inspire tranquility, security, and confidence.

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