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The Bold Stand

We want you to have the brand you like as quickly as possible! This is the perfect solution for a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners who are on a tight budget and/or tight timeline, but who value having a unique and professional-looking brand to represent their business effectively.

First Step

If you see a brand in the Bold Stand you like and would love for it to be your brand, click the "get to know" button and fill out the form completely. 


Second Step

We appreciate your submission! Upon reviewing your form, we have a couple of exciting options for you:

  • Option 1: If you're happy with the brand as it is, we'll go ahead and send you an invoice for your purchase.

  • Option 2: If you'd like to tweak things, such as changing the name and/or color palette, no worries! We'll carefully analyze the new choices to ensure they blend seamlessly with the brand you have your eye on. After that, we'll send you an invoice for the customized purchase.

Should we encounter any challenges in personalizing the brand, we'll reach out to you to discuss alternative options. Once we receive your payment, the brand will officially be yours, and we'll promptly remove it from The Bold Stand.


Third Step

Fantastic news – we're officially in business! Expect to hear from regarding the customization of your brand. We'll provide details for up to 4 business cards (you can always revisit the template for any future changes), including wording for images and cards.

Once we have your confirmation of the information, we'll dive right in! Anticipate our contact within the next 2-3 business days for an initial round of revisions. Our goal is to ensure you're not just satisfied but genuinely thrilled with your purchase! 


Fourth Step

Once we have your final approval of the designs, we'll save all the files for both print and web, prepare your Brand Guide, and package everything into a WeTransfer file that we'll send your way. You'll be able to download all the files promptly, enabling you to start using your stunning new brand immediately!


What if I need it in one day?

If you require your brand to be ready within 24 hours, there is an additional fee of $300 USD. We'll also need expedited communication on your part to ensure a swift process. Kindly let us know if this applies to you when you fill out the contact form.

Can I see the design with my name before purchasing?

We can't do fittings as it takes up too much time for other interested buyers. We will tell you if your name can work or not before purchase. This applies to color palette personalization too.

I'm interested in a brand, but would like to make major changes.

If you wish to make significant font or layout changes, an additional fee of $200 will be added to the total cost. This covers a proof with the requested changes and allows for two rounds of revisions instead of the usual one.

Is my brand going to be unique?

YES! Once you pay for your brand, we will remove it from the inventory and never sell it again, pinky promise!

Do you offer payment plans?

For the Bold Stand, you will pay directly through PayPay and select the monthly payment more suitable for you.

Can we continue working together?

Of course, this is just the beginning ;). We recognize the frequent need for additional applications such as webpages, various types of stationery, packaging, and more. Stay in touch! 

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