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Daurat Concept Store, a project that adds value to Mexican design.








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Daurat Concept Store is a community of Mexican entrepreneurs who, through fashion, design and art, come together to create this unique shopping experience. 

One of the main objectives of Daurat is to offer a simple and elegant space where each brand can display their products and be part of the lifestyle focused on aesthetic design and quality.

The idea arises from the need to recover the tangibility and shopping experience that has been lost through online shopping, with the aim of creating a link between customers and brands. 

Daurat located in Providencia, Guadalajara, this location is surrounded by great gastronomic variety, green areas and business centers, among others. Starting from this context, we choose three key premises: dynamism, warmth and honesty.

Dynamism is interpreted in contrasts, textures and distribution. Dividing the store into two exhibitions, perimeter and central, both with modular furniture that allows the transformation of the space and the resilience of different settings configuring it from a commercial format traditional to a fashion runway if needed.

The warmth is transmitted through the materials, colors and contrasts. As well as the color of the lighting.

Finally, honesty is reflected through the simplicity and accessibility that each user can have with the products. Daurat Concept Store is a project that provides value to Mexican design, being an important strategy for attracting new customers so that brands can demonstrate their quality and trust.

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