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We envision Meet as a vibrant space that challenges diners' perceptions. Offering a unique experience, as well as a new detail to discover.






Food & Beverages


Interior Design


MBO Arquitectos

Meet is a restaurant characterized by the innovation and quality of their cooking methods. Through the imagination of its chef, they're bringing new flavors where meat and seafood are the main ingredients. We created a concept based on the '20s, taking the image of the Jazz Age as our principal approach. Adopting a subtle conceptualization in Art Deco as the main architectural influence to achieve a project, where aesthetics and functionality convey.

For the design of the terrace in this area, we designed an oasis for oyster lovers that offers first-class products accompanied by excellent cocktails, good music, and an atmosphere that invites diners to spend a pleasant time. Through a set of materials such as copper, lighting, and transparency, we create an elegant and striking area that becomes a bar and a stage.

We designed a new zoning for the area hand in hand with the restaurant team to make its service more efficient and to be able to create a pleasant and efficient experience, for the visitors and for the restaurant team itself. This strategy makes it able to serve more clients and facilitate the restaurant workflow.

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