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 Brand Identity

Mx Transporting is a company born from the initiative of two young entrepreneurs, with the idea of offering all-inclusive transportation services, with an unforgettable experience.


As a brand, we seek to inspire the desire for freedom, audacity, and courage. MXTramsporting is about surprising and new experiences, doing them in a new way, and differentiating themselves from the rest. Through graphic elements that refer to the movement of the racetracks, we send the message to their audience to discover and explore new challenges, experience the world on their way to discovering new cities, and continually surprise themselves.


Based on the concept of "Retro Racing"- we designed a logo inspired by public transportation maps, showing the variety of transportation connections that the brand is offering. We placed an arrow to show movement and being up-to-date in the transportation industry.


Within the MX Tramsporting color palette, we can see different attributes of the brand. The orange color shows us energy and amiability. While its purple and lilac tones convey quality and comfort. Finally, we can perceive confidence and tranquility through the cream color.