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Lonches Tabarete

The tased of a good lonche!


Lonches Tabarete




Food & Beverages


Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Our goal was to represent a fun Mexican brand strikingly and authentically. Lonches tabarete offers a new style of this traditional Mexican plate, by using more ingredients and new combinations.  Influenced by a 50s style, we selected a warm color palette perfect to increase appetite, and a beige color very representative of those years. 

Culture with slight humor! We created a jazzy brand that shows the personality of Mexicans through their tone of voice. We searched for an iconic and upbeat name, and while searching in the history of the tortas ahogadas in Jalisco, we found the word: tabarete. A tabarete is a small establishment with around four chairs, where people used to grab a quick lunch and a soda before or after working hours. We use created illustrations inspired by comics, of the tabarete and the lonches to continue with a jolly communication. 

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