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We design a home experience - where you can find new technology for your space.


Xfinity México






Experience Design 

Product Design


MORO Studio

We designed an experience through a modular stand where users could interact with different Xfinity products. Our goal was to show the quality of all the products while having a “retail-like” setup.

Furthermore, we divided the module into three areas. The first one consists of a secret door to generate intrigue. Behind it, we designed a small space to show all the colors of the Xfinity LIFX Lights - that connects to the smart lighting to Xfinity Home. In the second area, we found all the living room suites to show the clients how the products can be placed perfectly in their homes. The second area was intended for publicity and product set.

To help the sales team of Xfinity, we developed a stand that could be used to test the products in real-time to show customers how they could fit in their homes or office and be tested by themselves, allowing them to live the Xfinity experience. 

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