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They are leaders specializing in Glaucoma and various eye conditions.


Global Glaucoma






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MBO Arquitectos

Global Glaucoma is a medical institute dedicated to the visual health of people, to research and innovation in the ophthalmology area, and to the education of professionals in the ocular specialty who seek to contribute to the health and education of the population.​

For the evolution of the brand, we kept the shape and colors of the original logo, bringing an abstraction of the past identity, and showing a new stage for the company. We present a new Global Glaucoma as a brand that evokes innovation, transparency, and inclusion.

We have created an ode for people looking for quality, honesty, and friendly service. Showing a special experience, through a warm and amiable space that connects with the heart.

Furthermore, we design antimicrobial surfaces, white rooms, aseptic gray areas, and design rooms with sanitary curves.  We developed an efficient base distribution to optimize processes - that will improve the service.

Global Glaucoma is designed as a space focused on the 15% of the population that suffers from eye diseases. Through the materials and colors, it favors the perception of the space of each user depending on their state of visual health to provide a stay of tranquility, belonging and a prompt recovery.