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A brand that promises human attention, framing the science of beauty.


Hirosi Sashida






Brand Identity

Brand Communication

Doctor Hirosi Sashida is a plastic surgeon who focuses 100% on the well-being of his patients, taking honesty and excellence as pillars of his work. Taking care of every detail, he manages to make his clients' vision come true.

For Hirosi Sashida's brand, we show an image that applies to his patients and will seek to protect and help them. It reflects empathy and inspires tranquility, security, and confidence.

We create a brand with unique and elegant typography. Through the detail of the curvature, we show the human figure and the details of the doctor's results authentically and appealingly.

The color palette was selected to create a timeless image. Its combination of blue tones helps us communicate confidence, tranquility, cleanliness, and freshness. While the use of its most subdued color, cream, reflects the assertiveness and peace that a doctor should project.

We created an affable web page where the audience felt identified, and where they can find all the information they need to learn about Hirosi Sashida's services. Also be able to schedule an appointment easily and quickly.