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Juan Juez

A good Tequila from Mexico to the World


Juan Juez




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Brand Identity

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Packaging Design

We develop a brand with a sense of belonging that distinguishes Mexico in the international market, in an authentic and fun way, through Juan Juez. The brand's purpose is for the world to experience and enjoy good tequila.

As the gavel and base used by a judge, we created a minimalist graphic reflecting the strength and stability of the tequila. With this element, we created a pattern inspired by the Mexican “papel picado” used in festivities for decor, to show the fun and celebration of the culture. 

We look for colors that represent energy and elegance. The green color transmits energy, optimism, and abundance as the primary meanings. For Juan Juez we play with the shades of this color to represent the different qualities of the brand. Lime green for the fun part and teal is the grounding color. Together we managed to show the variety of virtues that the brand offers.