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LIT Investment Center

Making the impossible possible.


LIT Investment Center






Brand Identity

Interior Design

Brand Communication


MORO Arquitectos

We created a brand that conveys professionalism, transparency, and innovation. As an investment center, it was important for the brand to establish trust and inspire the clients to succeed.

Based on the continuous growth of the company and the variety of ways the space is used, we designed a modular space for the team to use for day-to-day work while still being able to host a large conference. By designing a flexible environment, we embrace productivity, teamwork, and creativity. 

LIT Investment Center's core values are transparency and honesty. We got the inspiration from those ideals to use glass in each office division, to show the company has nothing to hide. 

We selected a monochromatic design that opens up the space and creates a clean, cohesive, and elegant aesthetic. This translates into a calming effect to reduce stress, and a perfect environment for the team. 

The architecture project was carried out hand in hand with MoRo Studio in Landmark, Guadalajara.

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