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Sandy Naturista

Inspired by the search for the health and well-being of the Mexican population.


Sandy Naturista






Brand Identity

Interior Design

Brand Communication


MBO Arquitectos


Alvaro Ochoa

Sandy Naturista, was born to supply products that help prevent and treat diseases through natural products. Its vision is to position itself as the main brand in Mexico in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

The concept of this project was born from three keywords: biophilia, sustainability, and Mexican tradition. Which it was sought to capture in detail throughout the unique environment through its forms, materiality, and textures.


We managed to create a connection between the clients and nature, representing the brand identity in a friendly and warm way, and the primary design premise, biophilic design means "love of life".


Based on the personality of the brand we search for authentic Mexican materials and techniques. Mainly using "chukum", a traditional, ecological, and sustainable finish that is used indoors and outdoors in the southeast of Mexico. This material gives us a sense of harmony and warmth that connects us with nature in an organic way. 

Following the vision of the store; the ceiling was designed with the inspiration of a beehive made of cardboard tubes to minimize the echo of the space and give a sense of movement and altitude. 


The set of these materials and the wood we created a warm and harmonious space.