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A company that works as a means to connect research with the market, improve and save lives.


Soluciones Kenko






Brand Identity

Interior Design

Brand Communication

Soluciones Kenko seeks to innovate healthcare technology, helping professionals designing and developing simpler, safer, and more efficient technological solutions. As a brand, Soluciones Kenko seeks to evoke innovation, trust, and quality. We achieved these characteristics through typography, color schemes, graphic details, and interior design.


Our redesign represented well-being, using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as inspiration for the logotype. Shades of blue communicate intelligence, importance, and confidence. By selecting typography using lowercase letters, we created a brand with a more approachable, friendly image. 


Based on the branding, we transformed their office and manufacturing area into a more efficient, productive, and spacious one. We managed to include different work areas for Soluciones Kenko in a reduced space, taking into consideration all the regulations and norms for the development of their products. 

We selected colors and materials that represents the brand and designed the lighting layout, making the office a place where their team could work in a more efficient and inspiring environment.