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Telemedicine LATAM






Brand Identity

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Brand Communication

Telemedicine LATAM introduces the pioneering teleophthalmology program in Mexico, aimed at detecting vision problems at an early stage in various centers and companies across Guadalajara. This innovative initiative ensures timely treatment for individuals in the initial phases of eye diseases.


Drawing inspiration from Latin American countries and cutting-edge technology, we crafted a logo with elegant curves that embody the tact, kindness, and innovation synonymous with Telemedicine LATAM's services. As a brand that bridges technology and healthcare, we retained the color blue as the primary hue in our palette, symbolizing intelligence, action, and experience.


Our module design boasts a versatile shape that can be easily transported, taking into account the specific requirements of Telemedicine LATAM's mission. The module features a structure that prioritizes patient privacy throughout the analysis process, from initial assessment to final results. Overall, our solution combines state-of-the-art technology with compassionate care to deliver the highest standard of teleophthalmology services in Mexico. ​