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The brand encourages its customers to escape from boredom and enjoy every second.


Vago Burgers




Food & Beverages


Brand Identity

Packaging Design

We develop a fast food brand; striking, unique, and authentic. Its design conveys a new world of colors, graphics, and shapes. This speaks to the foodie community in Guadalajara.

For the naming selection, we look for a daring name with a funny touch. Vago Burgers, addresses people that enjoy life with their friends and discover new places in their city. They are not afraid to show their personality to the whole world. The brand encourages its customers to discover new adventures- escape from boredom and live their life to the fullest.

We created a brand whose goal is for its audience to discover and explore new challenges, experience the world their way, escape boredom, reinvent themselves and continuously surprise. Based on the "Carnival Explosion" concept, we created a brand full of vibrant and striking colors that inspire the desire for freedom and daring.